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Do you find the best youtube alternative video sharing sites to promoting your videos for additional views? With this video, we have brought you top 5 free video sharing websites for video content creators. According to our top 5 list, we have included VIMEO, DAILYMOTION, TWITCH, LIVELEAK, VEOH as best video sharing sites in 2019. In 2019 video marketing is the best way to spread your marketing message with a big audience. Nowadays people watch videos rather than reading blog posts. Therefore youtube has become the world second largest search engine. Youtube is the number one video sharing platform for creators, You should not have a question about that. If you need additional views to your videos, please try these sites. These all video sharing sites have a large audience in European countries. Therefore you have a good opportunity to get more views. These all websites have almost 25 Million daily views. So don’t worry about the audience. There is a less completion than youtube. For every uploading video, you have a chance to better rankings. Most of these video sharing sites are free to use. There are some paid features too. You have amazing features with paid plans. Always try to unlock paid plans. If you are a video content creator for regularly, we recommend to upload your every video to these sites too. Not only depend on Youtube. Most valuable thing is you can make money with some of these sites too. Find those sites and enable monetization. Dailymotion is the best video sharing platform, which is more popular in the USA. You can start monetization with Dailymotion since the beginning. As well as VIMEO has monetization options. Always try to make good content. You should always remember “Content is the King” because good content always helps to get more views and more engagements. Remember uploading regularly. So, try these sites and enjoy the success…. Please share this video among your social media followers. Subscribe our “TOP 5 Facts” Youtube channel to update the top 5 things in the world.


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